Women in the Workforce

My film is called Women in the Workforce. It examines women working, especially in business and law, and also focuses on women in leadership positions and the pay gap. This subject matters to me as a young woman who will be entering the work force one day. I took a women’s history class this past fall and we learned about women in the workforce, so I wanted to expand my knowledge and apply it more to today and to my own experience. For this reason, most of my footage is of my mom and some of her colleagues at her law firm. I was inspired by the documentary Hoop Dreams, because I love how personal that movie is with the footage it has, but my film is mostly inspired by Miss Representation, a documentary which explores the way women are portrayed in the media. I like the way that that film includes lots of facts, along with interviews and found footage. I think my film could have included more found footage, but it was often hard to find footage that could apply well to my film. All of my footage was found on archive.org or YouTube. I also had trouble finding music that worked well, and while I think the music I have is good, it could have been better. A strength of my film is the interviews. I asked really good questions and had lots of good responses from many people, and these responses are definitely the heart of the film. My process of creating the film was hectic because I had a general idea but not a specific one so I shot all my footage and gathered found footage before I even had outlined my film. This made it difficult to decide which route to take, but I did a lot of research and had many good options of footage and facts to put in the film because of it. 

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