“The Box” by Audrey Neri

This was the first Bay Area Cinema Assignment that was assigned this semester. The assignment was to create a noir style inspired film and to also have it take a place at a particular Bay Area location that we are interested in. The film had to be black and white, less than 2 minutes, and feature a variety of unique shots.

I enjoyed making this film and ended up doing a color version as well. I went to the beach at sunset with my friend and tried to capture as much of the beauty of the landscape as possible. The story is fairly simple because I tried to focus to attention on the cinematography/visuals/audio.

The color version is the only one publicly accessible at the moment on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on ““The Box” by Audrey Neri”

  1. I really liked the film you made and seeing it at the film festival was super cool–the cinematography was super interesting and I love that you told a story in under two minutes.

  2. I remember that this film stood out to me at the film festival. I actually really like the color and how the change in color and music/sound helps create an unexpected shift in the story.

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