Projects from BAC (Kara)

Stop motion movie (The Passive Aggressive Yarn Movie):
For this project, we had to create a stop motion movie that followed a person or object. We learned about the concept of stop motion by looking at early animation including zoetropes. Because this is a stop motion movie, it is made completely of still photographs taken on a digital camera, and then put together using computer video editing software. I chose to start my movie by focusing it on this teddy bear I had sitting on my desk. I then realized it would funny if I had all the objects attack the teddy bear Toy Story style, and it would be even funnier if it became profane. So I unraveled a bunch of yarn and moved it all over the desk, eventually having it spell out a curse word.

India-America map drawing:
One of our assignments this year was to see a movie at CAAM fest, an Asian American film festival. I decided to see an indie movie from 2015 called “Good Ol’ Boy”, a story about an Indian boy named Smith whose family moved to Oklahoma. Part of the assignment was to create a piece of art related to the movie. I chose to draw maps of the two places Smith is connected to, and show what each place means to him using words within the maps.

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  1. Your motion study is very memorable! And I love the title! The use of color and color editing (is that what it’s called?) is super effective as well.

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