A Conversation: Pressure, Stereotypes, and Asian Americans

Title: A Conversation: Pressure, Stereotypes, and Asian Americans

Running Time: 5:20 including Titles and Credits (just a little bit over the 5 min mark)

Music: Perfect Circle – Nujabes

Subject: The subject of this film was how Asian Americans were affected by their identity in education. I wanted to make this film because I had read a lot about the rising Asian American student suicide rate, but still didn’t find the statistics and topic as widespread in the news, which I found kind of intriguing. So I really just wanted to interview my peers at Lick-Wilmerding because I think it would be interesting to hear the stories of the people in our very own community while also connecting their stories to a larger context. The style of documentary is mainly interview-based. I tried to use a little bit of the “Expository Documentary” tone in the beginning when I address the audience directly through text.

Reflection: I think one of the strengths of my film is that my interviewees all had interesting things to say, and I was also able to get plenty of footage from them. I think I also attain a wide range of perspectives and insight into my topic. I think one of the challenges is that I wasn’t really able to get much footage outside of interview footage. I think if I were to have more time for this project, I would want to add in more dynamic shots interspersed with my interview shots.

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