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This is my Cuba documentary which features interviews with people I met in Havana, Cuba. I asked them what they think of Cuban government and of Americans in Cuba. Making this video has helped me to consider what I know about with America’s connections to other countries. Before going to Cuba, I really did not know much about it. I arrived eager to learn more about it and the more conversations I had with people who live there or grew up there, the more interested I became. I feel like it is important to share my interest in this with others which is why I made this video. The running time is 5:19 which I know is slightly over the time limit, but the last 20 seconds is really just a funny clip that I thought was a fun way to end my video. The music is a song I found that really captured the kind of old-time feel of Havana. The hardest part of making this video was actually the sound clip editing. I found that you cannot edit them on iMovie, so I had to import them to GarageBand and piece the clips together and then when putting each recording on iMovie I found that the sound levels were very different on each of them. Some of them had a lot of street noise and some of them were just quiet. Finding a balance was very difficult. I think one of my film’s strengths is the people who I talked to. They have very unique stories and are not just people I saw on the street, but I made meaningful connections with them and in fact I am still in contact with them. The slow motion videos were taken on the streets of Havana in all kinds of neighborhoods. Our tour led us to the richest and the poorest parts of Havana and I think this video reflects that.

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  1. I really like the shot at around 1:45 where it looks like the people crossing the street are frozen and you’re moving around them, except that in reality it’s a slow motion shot and you’re in a car. It looks awesome!

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