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Two of my favorite FAF adventures were the Exploratorium and the trip to see one of the founders of Aardman Animations.  For the Exploratorium, the batman zoetrope was interesting.  And, the Aardman Animations talk was also very interesting. I really liked the short film about the math dinosaurs, it was odd and unexpected.I was surprised by how gruesome some of the animations were. I expected all the films to be kid friendly like Wallace and Gromit. I also liked the Berkeley field trip because the museum was very nice and we got to see Kiki’s Delivery service on the big screen.

In the future, I would probably want to study animated movies and/or documentaries.  They’re my favorite forms of film. And probably the most beautiful. I’ll probably teach myself some form of animation over the summer since it takes a lot of work.

Also, here are two images from the Berkeley art museum stamp and drawing table. That was a really fun activity.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

5 thoughts on “Final Blog Post BAC”

  1. Yes, I definitely agree that I was a little shocked too at how graphic some of the Aardman films were too. I’m also really interested in what you find beautiful in animation. Not to say I don’t find beauty in animation, since it’s also my favorite film medium.

  2. I agree with your views on the BAMPFA field trip. I loved watching the movie on the big screen and doing our own art. I love what you did with the stamps!

  3. I think it’s amazing that you’re going to continue your film work over the summer and I totally agree with what you said about experimental film.

  4. Your drawings are sick dude! I’m also interested to know what your favorite part of animation is, and what animated film is your favorite.

  5. Yes! I’m so glad we went to the Berkeley Art Museum! I didn’t even know it existed until then. And I absolutely loved making art with the stamps. I felt like I rediscovered a part of my old self.

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