F2F: Castro Theater Film Noir, Aardman Animations

My favorite trip while taking Bay Area Cinema were the trips to the Castro Theatre.   I actually had never been to the Castro Theater anf it was awesome to see something so historical and cool for the first time.  The film we watched at the Castro Theater “The Dark Corner.” however I was not the biggest fan of due to some the sexism, and lack of people of color, but just being in the Castro Theater was a great experience and was even better when we went to listen to members of Aardman Animations.

Another experience I enjoyed a lot was when we got to listen the Aardman Animations co-founder Peter Lord.   I really enjoyed listening to the growth of his company and brand of film.  I also learned a lot about developing an idea for a film.

I really enjoyed learning about animation, and making my first animation film.  I think this is something that I would love to get into more in the future using some of the advice that and knowledge I used from Peter Lord.


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  1. I really liked the Aardman Animations day too! I actually didn’t think I was going to enjoy it at first, but I actually loved hearing Peter Lord talk about all the little things that got them started and how they came up with their name, etc.

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