Documentary Final

My documentary is titled “Why Do We Laugh?” In the three minute documentary I explore some of the benefits of laughter in our everyday lives as well as conduct and interview with my classmate, Jeremy Yan. ¬†Laughter matters to me, because in a world where stress is an ever present factor in our lives, I personally believe that laughter is the best medicine. I cannot imagine a life without laughter, and hopefully you won’t want to after watching my documentary. To prepare for making this film, I watched several documentaries where comedians described their ability to make people laugh. Not a single comedian could genuinely explain how to be funny, and they all said it was just a natural emotion. It is important to indulge in that natural emotion in our lives and their is strong research to back that up.

When Making the documentary, some challenges occurred as a result of only having one camera, and several different angles to film. As a result, after conducting the entire interview from one angle, I would conduct the same interview again from another angle. I had to ask Jeremy to keep his answers relatively similar each time. I think one of the strengths of my doc is the opening, The entire year I have been struggling with opening my projects with titles, so I decided to move the title past the beginning clips to really dive right into the film and get people interested.

Please enjoy my documentary if you want to:

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