Final: My Projects

My movies in google drive

This link has 3 of my videos (one is a rough cut of my documentary).

I Scream- A parody of film noir which follows the┬ájourney of a woman buying ice cream…naturally, drama ensues and the music simply intensifies the whole scene.

A Day in the Life- This is a stop motion I made of my daily life. I honestly just didn’t want to deal with scheduling other people, so I figured my subject would be me. The parts that last longer in the video are the parts that feel longer.

Cuba Documentary- I had the amazing opportunity to go to Cuba about a month ago and I managed to get voice recordings of my conversations with Cuban people about government and politics in both Cuba and the United States.

One thought on “Final: My Projects”

  1. I think your documentary about Cuba is super interesting and it’s amazing that you got to go! I wish there was more video representation though.

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