F2F: Film Noir Festival & Musee Mecanique/Exploratorium

I thought that our first face to face meet up for the Film Noir festival at the Castro theatre was really cool. It was pleasantly surprising to me to see how much of a film community we have in the Bay Area. I didn’t expect so many people to be at the theater but it was packed, and that was awesome considering that they were showing old movies that many of these people had already seen before. It was good to see that the movie theater culture is still alive despite modern technology which allows us to watch anything without ever leaving our homes. I also got to become more connected with the Castro theatre which was amazing and I am curious to see what other events they have coming up!


The other thing I thought was really unique was our trip to the Musee Mecanique. This was definitely a place that I would never have stumbled upon without this class. It was such an interesting and strange place, and had so many awesome antique games that I would never have been able to experience otherwise. I also really liked the Exploratorium. Even though I’ve already been there a few times, it is always so cool to go through the museum and find new things that I missed previous times. Then having our own private film festival there was awesome and inspiring. That was the first time that I saw such abstract and non-conforming methods of film and cinematography and I am so glad that I got to experience it. I’m eager to learn more about what other crazy but really cool kinds of filmmaking are out there that I have yet to discover.


4 thoughts on “F2F: Film Noir Festival & Musee Mecanique/Exploratorium”

  1. The experimental films we watched at the Exploratorium were definitely something new. I’m really interested in what the director’s visions were about their film, although I doubt they’ll reveal it.

  2. I totally agree that what ‘watching a movie’ even means has completely changed with all of the technology. Watching those original movies in the Castro theatre, especially with that particular audience, totally changed what I thought about the movies we saw.

  3. I totally agree with what you said about the experimental films and I loved both of these fieldtrips as much as you did!

  4. I totally agree about our trip to Musee Mecanique would never have found it but was such an awesome experience!

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