Short reminder on how to set up your Grade Book


You need to set up your grade book before you begin adding assignments- these settings will change the details of your assignments and you are truly best served by doing them first! Please note thereĀ is a new look and some new functionality in Grade Book this year, but the steps are the same!


  • Open your Grade Book, for any class.
  • Click into Edit Setup
  • Click (in the top menu bar) Set By: Marking Period (not by Year)
  • Click SAVE
  • Now pick your calculation method (see this and this blog posts to understand the different calculation methods)
  • Click the small black Edit button to the right and pick what Assignment Types you will be using to make your Assignments
  • Click Apply
  • Decide which Assignment types, if any, you wish to use the Letter Grade Scale with (see this blog post to understand the details of Letter Grade Scale, and what numeric value each letter actually has)
  • Click Save and Close (top menu bar)