Letter Grade Scale

This year we are offering teachers the use of a Letter Grade Scale in Grade Book. I am going to go over how to set up and use it here, but feel free to ask me your specific questions!


  • Letter Grade Scale – The letter grade scale works on a fixed point assignment value set by the school. This scale is meant to allow teachers to select an A, B, C, etc when entering grades in their grade book instead of entering a numerical value and do not have anything to do with Grades as they are shown on the Report Card.

Setting up to use Letter Grade Scale is easy, and is part of the Edit Setting area of your Grade Book. While you are setting your calculation method (total points, percentages or points with weights) you will pick the assignment types you want to use in Grade Book- AND which of those types you will use the Letter Grade Scale with. So, for example if you are using Homework as an assignment type in your Grade Book, you may also decide if you wish to grade it using the Letter Grade Scale, in the Edit Setting area of the Grade Book.

Using it is even easier, in that when you go to grade a paper in your Grade Book, all of those assignment types you have designated as using the Letter Grade Scale will have a drop down menu of letter grades.


For step by step video instructions, watch this.


Here is the scale:

Letter Range Numeric value
A+ 100 – 97 98.5
A 96.9 – 93 94.95
A- 92.9 – 90 91.45
B+ 89.9 – 87 88.45
B 86.9 – 83 84.95
B-  82.9 – 80 81.45
C+ 79.9 – 77 78.45
C 76.9 – 73 74.95
C- 72.9 – 70 71.45
D+ 69.9 – 67 68.45
D 66.9 – 63 64.95
D- 62.9 – 60 61.45
F 59.9 59.9