How to use your Rubrics to grade an assignment

This is a long post, but I wanted one place where all the assorted actions were listed together, as an overview of how to create and use a Rubric to grade an Assignment. You need to do a few steps before you can actually grade with a Rubric in our online Grade Book.

Build a Rubric, steps are below. You can also simply add one from the Rubric Bank to your Rubrics.

  • Log into LWHS
  • Go to My Day in the upper left of your landing page
  • Use drop down to click into Rubrics
  • To Add a new Rubric

Select the plus sign +, and if you wish, add a Description and/or set how the assignments are evaluated- methods include points, comments, percentages and points range.

Create the first skill to evaluate. These are the areas where students are graded. For example, and English teacher might evaluate grammar or comprehension.

Add new proficiency levels for the skill traditionally ranging from mastery level to needing improvement. This helps students understand what is expected of them in order to receive a specific grade, whether it is a percentage, points or letter grade. For teachers that plan to associate the Rubric with an Assignment using Grade Book, the total points in the rubric automatically become the Max Points for the assignment.

After the skill is created, select Done to save it or Cancel to start over.

If additional skills are needed, select Add another skill and follow previous steps again- additional skills added will pre populate with the same point totals and proficiency names by default, but you can change them.

One option you have is to associate the new rubric with a specific grade level or departments- which makes them searchable!

Once completely finished with the rubric, select Save to My Rubrics or Cancel to close without saving. Once your new Rubric is added to the My Rubrics area, you could also add it to the Rubric Bank for others to use. When a teacher adds a Rubric from the Rubrics Bank to My Rubrics, that copy is theirs to edit- it will not change anyone else’s copy.

Once a Rubric is applied to an assignment, it appears in Evaluation under Assignment Detail.


To actually use the Rubric to grade an Assignment:

  • First, you have to associate a Rubric with an Assignment, so build an Assignment-
  • go to your Assignments tab,
  • click the add Assignment button in the upper right, and
  • when you get to the Grade Book and Rubric area, add it to the Grade Book (the only way you can grade with a rubric is via Grade Book) as you normally would and
  • click Associate Rubric and pick which of your rubrics you will use to grade this assignment with.


Note that if you set a Rubric to have a specific value or points, that will automatically set the value or points the assignment has, via the Max Points.

When you are ready to grade a student on that Assignment with a Rubric, go to your Assignment page, click the title of the Assignment that you want to grade. Once inside the Assignment, click the student name to be graded. Now click Evaluate with Rubric. Depending on how you have set this Rubric, you can now click the proficiency level for each skill listed, and if you are using a value, that value is assigned. If you set a Rubric as Comment only, no value can be given, but comments can always be made to Rubrics that have a value.