Individual Grade Book Set Up – Steps

1. Open the appropriate grade book and select Edit Setup.

2. Select whether you would like to setup the grade book for the entire Year or by each Marking Period or term individually. You may

want to setup the terms separately if you include different assignment types each term.

Note: Grade books must be set up per Year in order to display a Year Cumulative.

3. Click Edit next to the term or year.

4. Check the Assignment Types which you want to include in the cumulative grade.

5. Select the Calculation Method from the dropdown. Information on these is listed in the dropdown below.

Note: If you’ve selected either Total Points with Weight or Percentages, enter the weight for each assignment type in the

Weight field.

6. Choose a Letter Grade Scale for each assignment type, if needed.

7. If you would like to drop the lowest n number of assignments, enter the number of assignments under Number to Drop.

Note: This can be edited later on if you do not want the assignments to be dropped in the middle of the term.

8. Complete this process for all terms, if applicable.

9. Select Save & Close.