Gender Week’s The Mask You Live In Review

Where does you come from? I’m using the singular person intentionally because I’m treating you as something separate from yourself, something that’s a product of the world and the people around you. Everyone’s behaviors— especially those of us raised as … Read More

With New Faculty Come New Stories

Anne Condren Job: Human Resources Manager Last Job: Human Resources Manager at another school Paving Pathways: As the first HR Manager at Lick-Wilmerding, Condren must develop her new role. “There are some parameters already established,” Condren clarifies, “but I have … Read More

Willy Wonka is Oompalicious

Lick’s spring musical, Willy Wonka, was a hilariously and wonderfully eccentric production filled with lovely music, colorful sets and beautiful costumes. Video projections, created by Claire Stacy ’14 and Tywen Kelly ’14, appeared on the backdrop to add a somewhat … Read More