Tiger Groans: L-W Loses to UHS

“BEWARE: This Is Tiger Territory” read the t-shirts of Lick-Wilmerding students across the designated seating sections at Oracle Arena; the phrase references to the LWHS Varsity Boys’ victory over the  UHS Red Devils last year. The annual rivalry basketball game against University High School was held on January 11, 2013, colloquially referred to as “Oracle.” Sadly, despite Lick students’ confident apparel, both Tigresses and Tigers were defeated at Oracle Arena that day. Oracle once again became Devil Territory. Despite our losses in the physical basketball games, both of our halftime shows reigned over University High School.

Girls’ Varsity: After battling neck and neck with the Red Devils through the first half, the Lady Tigers stumbled in the second half after guard and starter Aki Shurelds ‘14 left the game with an injury. With a close halftime score, Lick’s very own Dance Ensemble came on the court for a spirited mashup of songs and dance moves. The Lady Tigers struggled in second half, scoring only 1 point. UHS beat our Tigresses 46-20.

Boys’ Varsity: As the Boys team came running out, synchronized to warm up as always, a new air of excitement filled the stadium. The first quarter of the men’s game ended with University up by 10, 18-8. The Tigers stepped up to score 14 points in the second quarter, while the Devils scored only 5.

For the halftime show during the Boys game, University set up a competitive knockout-like game in which students from both schools had to spin in a circle three times holding a baseball bat to their nose before shooting. Once again at halftime, Lick took home the victory.

Then, after a high scoring third quarter for the Devils, the Tigers slipped behind for the duration of the game. UHS took home another win, ending with an 18 point game, 59-41. Due to the Boys first-time-ever win last year, expectations had been incredibly high for this team’s fortune even with the departure in 2012 of three senior mainstays.

Despite both our teams’ losses on January 11th, the event at Oracle has rarely been just about basketball. The whole environment attracts not only students, but teachers, alumni, parents and families every year. After a tough loss for the girls, they came out into the audience with pride to support their peers in the next game. And after a struggling loss for the boys, they came out to the annual BBQ with smiles on their faces. Once again some day, “Champions will find a way” at Oracle. GO TIGERS!

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