Voodo Economics

“A term coined by George H. W. Bush in reference to Ronald Reagan’s economic plans. Reagan focused on supply side economics — encourage economic growth by cutting taxes and encouraging the rich to be more productive, similar to trickle-down economics.”

Well, Mom, you see, you want me to eat my vegetables, but you’re not taking into account the larger situation.

Currently, your plan to regulate vegetable eating across meals has more words in it than the Bible — and not one of them is as good! Yes, my plan to only eat dessert does have an estimated gain of 3.6 thousand calories over 10 meals for no appreciable difference in nutrition, but you’re failing to take into account the dynamic energy gains. When I eat sugar, I have a lot of energy, and I’ll run around a lot. Yes, a lot. I promote running around with my plan to cut vegetables to a flat 10% for every meal.

It’s unfair to have vegetable percentages higher for some meals and not others. This is coming from a principle of fairness — every meal supports the same percentage of vegetables. I’m basing this on the travesty! The accusations that my plan is bad for nutrition forgets the larger picture. If you factor in the amount of running around I do, my eating plan will have only a net gain of 100 calories. I know that usually I just watch TV after eating, but this meal plan will change all that. I’ll get up and move.

This plan encourages growth, and takes a stand against Big Vegetable. My nutrition plan guarantees at least a 14% annual growth for me — yes you can hold me to that fact. I’m not acting spoiled mom! Please! I don’t wanna eat my vegetables!

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