Sage Wisdom from Boys Varsity Tennis Captains

Boys Varsity Tennis had a season for the record books after winning BCL for the first time in over 50 years. After going undefeated in regular season with a record of 7-0, the tennis team swept both the semi-finals against Bay and the finals against Marin Academy, winning both 7-0. The team then went on to sweep again in the quarter-finals of NCS against Bishop O’Dowd. In the NCS semi-finals, the team narrowly lost to the number one seed, Piedmont High School, 4-3.

The tennis team celebrating their win. Photo by Santiago Mejia

The tennis team celebrating their win. Photo by Santiago Mejia

Led by captains Bryson Lee ’14, Jacob Shaw ’16 and Charles Ryan ’14, I had the chance to ask each on their opinion for why Lick tennis did so exceptionally well this year.  Bryson Lee answered, “the reason why we were so strong this year compared to the past was not only because we were strong skill wise, but because we all got along, worked as a unit and supported each other. Essentially, we all just loved to play tennis. I have never had such a committed team who brought so much heart to both practices and matches. For that reason, we surpassed everyone’s expectations and became the most successful tennis team in Lick-Wilmerding history. As a graduating senior, I am not worried about the team in the upcoming years; with their passion and drive to be the best and win it all, I am confident that they will continue Lick tennis’ uphill streak and achieve what Lick has yet to conquer: the NCS title. I am grateful for being a part of this legendary era of Lick tennis, and I hope for the best to my teammates in the future. It’s been a pleasure.”

Continuing with the same theme, Jacob Shaw answered, “Our team came a long way together this year. As the season went on, our goals and aspirations got larger and larger as we began to realize our full potential. We did not have the flashiest players or hit the fastest shots, but we played with more heart than any other team. Everyone gave their 100% on and off the court. In the NCS semifinals, I was on the court as our season ended with a loss to the #1 seed Piedmont High School. I expected my teammates to zone out and put their heads down. However, I was proud to see that not only were every one of my teammates still watching my match, but they were even cheering louder than Piedmont. This shows the heart and cohesiveness of the Lick tennis team. Throughout the season, we were humble in victory and dignified in defeat. That is what makes us champions. I will never forget this memorable year in Lick history.”

Charles Ryan said, “This season, our team was exceptional because of the culture we built.  While we weren’t always as serious and focused as we could’ve been, we worked as a team and laughing together was productive too.  Our bus rides were sick, and everybody was doing their thing.  We had seniors bringing the spirit and sophomores bringing the skill throughout the season.  We had the depth as a team to take on teams in our league and win, and even our alternates could practice with our singles.  Most importantly, everybody was able to voice their opinions to team and coach­—not just the captains—which helped bring in varied perspectives to gain a broader understanding of the team as individuals and a cohesive group simultaneously.”

The Boys’ tennis team followed in the example set by the girls in their season with a victorious win at the BCL championship.

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