Ask Alaska: New Advice Columnists Greet the Student Body

Do YOU remember when we asked to hear your problems? Your issues? Your woes and worries that keep you up at night? Are you in love? Over-stressed? Overwhelmed? Ask our new two-person advice columnist team– Ask Alaska.

Here’s what they have to say to all of you: (Guess who they are!)

Lick-Wilmerding students! I am not just some rando, I am a female senior and I want to hear your fears, your struggles, your questions, and your concerns. I’m here to help you and to pass down some wisdom from my many semesters at Lick. I get where you’re coming from and for you more youthful students, we’ve all been there and we can relate. My fellow male cohort and I really want to hear what you have to say and what you want to know and we will try to respond in a respectable and honest fashion with information that you want. And perhaps guide you down the black and gold bricked road to your final and current tiger days. So put your foot in the circle and take up this challenge, ask us your questions (anonymously!) and get that inspiration you need and triumph. Have fun!

Hello student body! I am a senior male who is excited to hear your questions and concerns about Lick. As a second semester senior, I feel like I can relate to a lot of the experiences that some of you younger folks might be feeling towards school and even life in general. I am ready to hear all of your different opinions and concerns, and hope that my answers will express an honest and thoughtful perspective that will help you proceed with your lives at Lick! My female counterpart and I wish to illuminate and even inspire you with our responses. But most of the work will fall on you, the hard working students of Lick-Wilmerding, to find a way to work through the successes and challenges to come. Good night, and good luck.


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