Straight from the Playwrights– One Acts Preview!

The annual One Acts Festival at Lick-Wilmerding quickly approaches– performances are on Friday, February 7th at 7:30pm and Saturday the 8th at 2pm. The six playwrights were asked to share either a list of words that embody their play, their favorite lines from the script, or one to two sentences that describe the plot.

“After-Life” by Maya Pollack

Bizarre, happy accident, tragicomedy, the place your brain goes when it falls off your head and it rolls under the refrigerator.

“The Lobster” by Chase Hommeyer (with help from Leigh Engel)

The Lobster is a story of a sociopath without empathy named Mark who goes through life desperately trying to appear normal, as well as the stories of those around Mark who try to connect to him. It’s somewhat sad but hopefully sometimes oddly funny too!

“Criminally Obnoxious” by Daniel Holzman

“Jeez, Malcolm, why the hell’d ya drag the entire the entire register in here? Seems a bit excessive.”

(sarcastically) “Oh, so I’m the one who’s being excessive?”

What is your problem!  You just shot a barista!

“Moving In” by Connor Guttmann

“Moving In” is a dramatic interpretation of the human experience, with a specific look into the culture of early adulthood. Weaving humor, hyperbole, drama, metaphor and perspective into a cohesive experience, “Moving In” grapples with many of our hopes and fears about the unknown and ultimately questions what it means to be sane.

“Acceptance” by Ry Storey-Fisher

Lick-Wilmerding students struggle for acceptance amongst top-tier cafés, and amongst themselves.

“Confessions of 3 Tree Valley” by Jacqueline Blaska

TERRY: (earnestly) Anyway, Mika, we all have shit we’re hiding. Really, really shitty shit, for some of us, and more mediocre shit for others, I guess, but we’re all damaged goods, Mika. And we’re all trapped in the basement of Three-Tree Valley Community Center while it’s blizzarding out there, and we might as well make the best of it. (taking the metaphor too far) You know, they say…if you have spoiled milk, and broken eggs, and mealy flour…all you can do is make a cake? Right? …that’s a saying…?

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About Zoe Harris

Zoe Harris, a senior, is celebrating her third year as co-managing editor of the Hyphen and as a reporter for the Paper Tiger. She is a leader of the literary magazine club, Lit Mag, and has written far too many weird poems. Zoe loves writing by Junot Díaz, David Sedaris, Mary Oliver, and Richard Siken, and the Harry Potter character she most closely identifies with is Luna Lovegood. She loves the Hyphen dearly and hopes readers do, too.

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