From Mexico with Love

These drawings and paintings were inspired by and made during an artist residency in San Miguel deAllende during the fall of 2013.

Sizes vary in acrylic and pastel drawn artwork.

Zen Morning
Zen Morning – pastel on paper; 12×16″

Simple Choice Farm Cactus Plant
Prickly Cactus – pastel on paper; 12×16″

Zen Garden - Reflection Pool
Reflection Pool – acrylic on canvas; 20×26″

Zen Cottage in Evening Light
Zen Cottage – acrylic on canvas; 20×26″

Zen Cottage Evening Glow
Zen Cottage Evening – pastel on paper; 22×30″

Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights – pastel on paper; 12×16″

Meditation on Opuntia
Opuntia Cactus – acrylic on canvas; 12×12″

Harvest Tree card
Harvest Tree – pastel on paper; 22×30″

Beyond the Rock Wall
Beyond the Rock Wall – pastel on paper; 16×12″

Closest Neighbor - Blue Farm
Closest Neighbor – acrylic on canvas; 20×26″
Coriander Morning – pastel on paper; 12×16″


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