A Better Chance Back to School Leadership Workshop, Sep. 15

A Better Chance with San Domenico Senior, Elizabeth Clark-Christie hosts “A Workshop on THRIVING VS. SURVIVING in Independent Schools” for Scholars in grades 9-12

What are the characteristics and mindset of a thriving student versus a student who is surviving?

Get ready for a refreshing reminder of what it means to be back in school. This event will highlight skills for leaping back into the school year and cover concepts regarding what it means to be a student of color in an independent school and how to thrive in that environment. You will come out of it with a fresh outlook on how you can best be a leader in your school!

This workshop is led by Mohammed Soriano-Bilal is probably, who is best known as the voice of reason on MTV’s Real World San Francisco.

As a multi-disciplinarian artist– Mohammed has collaborated with Santana, Public Enemy, Ben Harper, De La Soul, Danny Glover and Mos Def; his music has been featured on NBC, the CW, and the Sundance Film Festival; he wrote a weekly column for the San Francisco Bay Guardian; and his film work includes If I Were President, an election campaign that helped register 200,000 first-time voters of color and Vocabulary of Change, a conversation between Angela Davis and Tim Wise.

As executive director of the African American Art & Culture Complex, one of San Francisco city’s six cultural centers, Mohammed led a strategic shift resulting in a 21% increase in revenue. Currently, Mohammed serves as Assistant Dean & Managing Director of Diversity & First-Gen Programs at Stanford University, where he oversees a team of world-class facilitators and explores his scholarly passion for the confluence of equity, art, and innovation.

 Due to limited space, we are opening up this discuss to only A Better Chancehigh school aged Scholars.

Saturday, September 15th


(Light snacks provided)

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