Sequoia Chamber Music Workshops

Since 1972, Sequoia’s goal has been to offer young musicians the opportunity to develop their technical skills and passion for music through a program of total immersion in the world of chamber music.

Instead of focusing on a single “command performance” at the conclusion of the workshop, Sequoia provides each participant with the opportunity to perform four times during each six-day session. Each day students are assigned to a different coach and a different group of musicians, ranging in size from a trio to an octet. They participate in supervised sight-reading sessions, intensive coaching sessions — totalling up to five and a half hours a day — and nightly public performances in an informal setting.

Participants also attend daily theory/aural skills and master classes that cover a wide     range of topics related to chamber music, from historical performance techniques to self-coaching strategies for chamber music groups.

Deadline: April 20, 2012

Sessions: June 17-23, June 24-30

Application: Sequoia Chamber 2012

Recommendation Form: Teacher Recommendation 2012


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