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Design and Technology : Rapid Viz and CAD Drawing



Opening Day
Rapid Viz Exercises  1  + Homework 1
Rapid Viz Exercises  2  + Homework 2
Rapid Viz Exercises  3  + Homework 3.1 , 3.2

Basics Tutorial: Getting Started
Basics Tutorial: Rhino Curve Basics
Basics Tutorial: Rhino Surfaces and Solids

Basics Tutorial: Booleans, Control Points, Joining, Blending (bishop)
CAD Tutorial: Chest Tutorial

Drawing Project: Future Furniture

2D CAD Tutorial: Arrays and Patterning
CAD Drawing Project: CNC Patterns

CAD Tutorial: Car
CAD Create a Tutorial

CAD Tutorial: Water Bottle
Drawing Project: Drawing From Life
Drawing Project: Digital Drawing From Life  & Reflection

CAD Tutorial: Text and Textures
CAD Tutorial: Dimensions and Orthographic
Drawing Project: Your Drawing From Life as Orthographic
(use Dimensions and Orthographic Tutorial)