Why Hillary is Our Best Choice

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropHillary Clinton is the most qualified presidential candidate in history. She has amassed decades of experience in government, as U.S. Senator from New York and the Secretary of State, and has consistently swept the nation with victories. She just won New York, a state heavy with delegates, and earned landslide wins in the American South, Florida and Arizona, among others. Clinton is a stellar two-thirds of the way to the Democratic nomination, holding a strong lead over Sanders, claiming 1,930 delegates.

Sanders, Clinton’s Democratic rival, is a lovely person with unrealistic ideas that are frankly unaccomplishable in four years, especially if he is faced with a Republican House and Senate. And while his battle cry of “revolution” has its appeal, there is no evidence of revolution in Vermont, where Sanders was mayor of Burlington and served for 16 years from Vermont in the House of Representatives.

Clinton, on the other hand, is the sole presidential candidate with a lengthy, successful resume to back up her promising slogan of “Fighting For Us.” She already has experience representing the United States globally, serving as Secretary of State of the United States for four years. She also boasts a successful record of working with Republicans, as she did as First Lady of the United States to pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which today covers eight million children nationally.

Not only does she have the vital experience needed in a president, but her priorities align with the American people’s; at the Beijing United Nations World Conference on Women in 1995, Clinton famously declared that “Women’s rights are human rights;” from the early years of her impressive political career, she has not wavered in the fight for women’s rights.

And Clinton has an ambitious plan of her own for colleges, proposing the “New College Compact.” Unlike Sanders’s plan, Clinton clearly outlines specific steps towards her goal; Sanders’s website jumps unrealistically to step one “make tuition free at public colleges and universities.” With step one appearing as a destination, and not a legitimate plan of action, I am doubtful that Sanders could achieve his illustrious goals. Clinton’s far more realistic plan would allow alumni to refinance their loans at current rates, and “ensure no student has to borrow to pay for tuition, books, or fees to attend a four-year public college in their state.”

Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by 6.5 percentage points in an ongoing poll by the Huffington Post, and in reference to Trump’s – or Drumpf ’s– history of disgusting insults, she vowed on March 7 to “never let a person like that become the president of the United States.”

I support Hillary Clinton because she is the most qualified, knowledgeable and pragmatic candidate for the job. She is the most likely to beat Trump. She is a commanding public speaker who does not flinch before facts and truth. She thinks in terms of policy and social justice. Hillary Clinton is a fighter. I am confident that with Clinton as our president, Obama’s hard work will be expanded upon. It is time to have our first female president, and Hillary is the best candidate for the job

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