A Recipe Turned Restaurant – A Night at State Bird Provisions

Official State Bird of California, 1952: California valley quail (native), known for their hardiness and adaptability

Provisions: the providing or supplying of something, especially food and drink

-State Bird Provisions

State Bird Provisions began as a recipe to prepare California’s state bird and since then, has evolved into one of the most popular restaurants on the west coast. State Bird is known for their eclectic cooking and spontaneous style– food enthusiasts are drawn to the dim sum style service.

As we approached the restaurant I noticed that although there was no signage, a line wrapped around the block with people eagerly anticipating a meal at State Bird. Luckily, we had a reservation which allowed us to forgo the line. After we settled in at the table, the first round of waiters with carts began passing through the room. One man wheeled a cart filled with fresh prawns with miso, surveying how many the chef should cook, while another brought a seasonal pluot and pork belly salad. We tried at least twenty different dishes and each one was better than the next–we sampled three seafood dishes, four varieties of seasonal stone fruit, and five global cuisines. I’m still savoring that last bite of delicate chai gelée.

Photos by Elena Moore

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