Zoe Foss Will Develop Educational Technology

Zoe in color

Zoe Foss photo by Robin von Breton

After working as the Development Associate at Lick for three and a half years, Zoe Foss is embarking on a new journey in education technology. For three months, she is going to take courses in web development programs from General Assembly, a school for technology, business, and design that spans across four continents. She hopes to apply her event and project management work to the tech field and is excited to see what opportunities the program brings. Foss didn’t originally want to work in education, but her time in the development office at Lick has made her love being around schools. The technology part came second and it seemed to Foss like a good opportunity to expand ways of getting involved in education.

Foss is going to miss the people and staff at Lick with whom she has built strong relationships with, especially their passion and enthusiasm for their work.

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