Gender Week: LWHS Presidents on Gender

Throughout our time at Lick, we’ve seen gender play an interesting role in our experiences. As student leaders this year, one important component consistently brought to our attention is the need for balance in representation and leadership. In running for co-positions on Student Council, it’s often encouraged that a duo brings diversity on a number of levels, gender being one of them.
While as co-presidents, there are times when we feel like we’re playing the parents of a make-believe house game, it’s been interesting to see how our roles and responsibilities are shaped by our strengths in ways that often defy societal gender norms. Though we share many skills and personality traits, we notice that Joelle is often the loud and commanding leader while Julian has a much more gentle and calming influence. In and out of Stuco, Julian is much more sensitive and aware of emotions, while Joelle attempts to always be efficient, and utilitarian. We definitely deviate from the typical “over-emotional female and stoic male” stereotyped representations of gender we see in the media.

We honestly feel lucky that what is expected of us is based off of our own unique personalities, and that people allow us to lead in the style that suits our own strengths without criticisms of being “weak” or “bossy.”  Our individual leadership style is honored; we reflect that as we learn and grow and lead at Lick, we have been able to live our lives authentically, allowing our personalities to shine through.

–Julian Holmes ’15 and Joelle Park ’15 (Co-Presidents)


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