Gender Week: Girl Talk Monologues

Friday, April 24th is the second annual Girl Talk at Lick-Wilmerding, hosted by Lick-Wilmerding Organization of Women (LWOW). A collection of anonymously written feminist monologues are performed by girls, for anyone to watch. LWOW leaders Natalie Gable, Claire Fry, Bix Archer, and Jacqueline Blaska shared their hopes and excitements for the production!

––LWHS Hyphen

GirlTalk is unique among the Lick productions. There’s no formal set, no choreography, or even special costumes but I think there’s something just as powerful: pure, candid stories. Building off last year, we hope to create a safe space for those who identify as women in our community to share honest reflections about their experiences. GirlTalk is an opportunity to learn more about the effects gender in our daily lives, whether visible or invisible. I hope that the show will provide lots of food for thought—for both those who think about gender regularly and for those who are new to these conversations. Even if you’re hesitant about coming, I highly encourage that you do. The night will be jam packed with monologues, music, and much more!

–Natalie Gable ‘15

After last year’s performance, I’ve heard several people cite GirlTalk as one of the most influential and enlightening performances they’ve experienced at LWHS. To know that is the legacy a social justice-focused group like LWOW is leaving, is so unbelievably exciting and heartwarming for everyone who dedicates time to produce this show. I’ve been looking forward to GirlTalk take two ever since we finished up the first one, and I really hope that I do my monologue justice because it is beautifully written. See you there!

–Claire Fry ‘15

I’m excited for GirlTalk this year because I think it will represent a broader swath of voices from our community, both within Lick itself and across Lick and Urban, which I think will be wonderful to hear.

––Bix Archer ‘15

GirlTalk this year is gonna be bigger, broader, and EVEN better (!?) than last year. We’re so pumped about our collaboration with Urban because it allows us to make bonds across schools in mutual support, understanding, and celebration of what it means to be a young female-identifying person. I also truly think people dug deep in writing the monologues this year — of course we have our share of funny, sarcastic, cringe-because-it’s-so-true ones, but I also saw a real bravery in the authenticity and candidness of the voices that came through in the monologues. Some tough themes come up: sexual assault, body image dysmorphia, depression, loss. As a leader of LWOW, this makes me proud — not, of course, that girls are suffering through these things, but but that we’ve fostered a community that supports and encourages girls to HONESTLY say what’s up for them. That way, GirlTalk is even more real and even more visceral. I can’t wait.

––Jacqueline Blaska ‘15

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