Maven Youth’s 2019 San Francisco LGBTQ+ Tech Camp

All campers will build a video game together. They’ll apply their talents in writing/storytelling, artistry and code using a simple text based game developer tool to create a visual novel game entirely their own. Maven Summer Tech Camp welcomes all level of talents. This opportunity provides campers the ability to meet LGBT+ Tech professionals who build games, apps and create animation.

We partner with local LGBT+ youth serving organizations and LGBT+ tech professionals to provide free 1-2 week tech camps for LGBT+ youth between the ages of 14-19.

LGBT+ Youth Tech Camps transform the tech sector through consciousness raising and collaborative partnerships. Through them, we are able to connect LGBT+ nonprofits with tech industry resources and volunteers, which helps to increase the visibility of the LGBT+ community in technology. Most importantly though, our Youth Tech Camps expose LGBT+ youth to a career pipeline into the tech sector

This free summer camp/summit includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and TONS of snacks!
  • Tour of tech companies
  • LGBT+ tech professionals Mentors
  • Training in coding/programming and game creation
  • Social justice and diversity in technology awareness
  • Team building and networking
  • Prizes and Gift Bags

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