Maven Youth OUT Campfire Chats, Sep. 15

Register Now (limited seating around the campfire available)
Out Campfire Chats
Saturday: Sept. 15th
@Github HQ (San Francisco)
FREE Food, FREE T-Shirts, and GREAT Conversations
Sit around the campfire with youth and adults for a deep conversations on the ethical impact of technology on the lives of LGBT+ community and Youth.  We will provide topic discussion and activities to provide a cross learning of perspective on hot topic issues.  Breakfast & Lunch will be provided along with some amazing campfire snacks!
Campfire Chats Include:
  • AI Gaydar – A new Stanford University study has determined that artificial intelligence can, with high accuracy, determine sexual orientation. By analyzing photographs, the study claimed, an algorithm could assess if a person was gay or straight in 81 percent of cases for men and 74 percent for women.
  • Digital Consent – What does CONSENT in the digital age look like? How does sexting, social media sharing all at your finger tips impact youth privacy and the right to control their digital imprint?  How does private conversations turn into group sharing of content without consent from all parties involved.
  • Cybernetics – Year 2050 will youth be altering their bodies to become more Cybernetic in order to be more advance. What current trends are leading us to adapt and embed technology into our bodies.  Can the advancement of Cybernetic lead us to a neutral gender balance of power and appearances.
  • Tech Ethical Impact – What are other impacts tech has on LGBT+ Lives? What new strengths and challenges are part of our community due to the impact of tech. What is the ETHICAL impact tech has on LGBT+ Landscape?
Who will be attending this event:
  • Youth
  • Youth Workers
  • Teachers/Advisers
  • LGBT+ Tech Professionals

Register Now (limited seating around the campfire available)

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