The Image Flow Presents: Photography Rules & Breaking Them, A Teen Workshop

Join photography educator Gale Jesi, and learn the basic rules of photography and how to break them to make great photos!

Imagine a culture glued to their screens watching football 24/7. Imagine in this culture that only the players, coaches, and team owners know the rules of the game, yet for some reason the fans want to watch anyway.

That’s photography today. We live in an image culture yet most people don’t know what makes a “good” photo. Why does one photographer become famous or go viral while another goes unnoticed? To make good photographs you need to know the basic rules of photography, but to make great photos you need to break them. Come improve your game at The Image Flow!

We’ll examine some famous and not so famous photographers to understand the photography rules that were used or not. With this new insight, we’ll take a photo walk and shoot in the studio to experiment with using and breaking the rules.

Class Schedule:

Monday, July 30, 1–4PM: Introduction and The Rules in brief. Look at some famous and not so famous photographers.

Tuesday, July 31, 1–4PM: Trying out three rules of your choice. A mini-field trip to Downtown Mill Valley to shoot.

Wednesday, August 1, 1–4PM: Group Critique. Did the Rules work? Lighting Demo. Bring clothing, props for tomorrow’s shoot.

Thursday, August 2, 1–4PM: What’s light have to do with “good” photos? Studio shoot!

Friday, August 3, 1–4PM: Lunch at Sol Food. Final critique and selfies!

July 30 – August 3, 1-4PM

Pertinent details:

  • No prior photography experience required, only curiosity and a desire to have fun

Required materials:

  • A digital camera
  • A laptop with Lightroom installed

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