The Coding School 2018 Summer Program

This program is ideal for both non-tech and tech-inclined students who want to gain the benefits of coding in the most empowering and risk-free learning environment.

The Coding School, a national 501c3 organization, is offering a one-of-a-kind summer opportunity for middle and high school students to receive one-on-one coding instruction and mentorship from top computer scientists, working at companies like SpaceX, Google, and  Facebook, and studying at elite universities, such as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. Students will receive personalized lessons based on their interests and learn in-depth knowledge in cutting-edge CS fields, from coding fundamentals to cybersecurity, machine learning, game development, mobile app development, and web design. Moreover, because of our online platform, students can connect with these top computer scientists from anywhere in the world.

Our program is ideal for students who are seeking:

  • The competitive edge in the college application process
  • To create cutting-edge tech projects to showcase to admission officers
  • Mentorship from top computer scientists at elite universities and companies
  • To learn coding at their own pace – no risk to GPA
  • Personalized help with AP CS

For more information about our Summer 2018 program, please go to: or email us at

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