Aim High’s High School Internship

Aim High’s 6-week High School Internship is a unique opportunity for high school students to develop teaching skills and experience by working directly with middle school youth under the supervision of professional teachers and educational leaders. High School Interns (HSIs) receive immersive training and assist Lead Teachers in teaching a core academic class (Math, Science, Humanities, Issues & Choices). HSIs also participate in afternoon activities, attend 3 evening events, and help write student evaluations. HSIs provide a valuable link between the adult teachers and the students and help ensure the Core Values (CORE) of Community, Opportunity, Respect, and High Expectations are brought to life for students and fellow staff members. At Aim High, the opinions and viewpoints of HSIs are valued in the teaching community.

Training and Professional Development

  • HSIs receive in-depth training and support during the entire first week of faculty training. During this time HSIs will begin building skills around classroom management, fostering positive relationships with students, being a strong role model, and creating an engaging learning environment.
  • Throughout the six-week program, HSIs work closely with assigned Lead Teachers to learn about the daily planning and implementation of lesson plans in morning academic classes. This may involve assisting small groups of students, correcting homework, occasionally leading small lessons, preparing materials, and other teaching related duties.
  • HSIs also receive training related to the non-academic features of the program such as advisory and afternoon activities. These features of the Aim High program are critical to students’ social-emotional development and sense of belonging. In addition to planning and securing materials, HSIs support these aspects of the program by creating positive environments and building strong relationships with students.


  • We seek High School Interns who are interested in teaching or working with youth, and are committed to developing their professional skills. An ideal candidate will be responsible, diligent, conscientious, and possess strong communication skills.

Internship, Stipend, Dates, and Hours

  • HSIs receive a $250 living stipend per week for 6 weeks. The Internship is full-time during the six-week summer program. HSIs are expected to participate during the program hours of 7:30am to 3:30pm (exact hours vary by site), plus during faculty meetings and special events. Please visit to view summer dates, which vary by region.

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