Stanford BSU Annual Youth Empowerment Conference, Apr. 7

The 19th Annual Youth Empowerment Conference is a day-long event that includes a series of workshops on ethnic identity, education/ admissions, advocacy, and enterprise, as well as a diverse and interactive student panel. We provide food and entertainment. The event serves high school students from across the nation and at all academic achievement levels. The Stanford Black Student Union and the Black Community Services Center host the event.

This unique event allows Stanford undergraduates to engage with diverse youth from across the nation. This year’s theme is B.L.A.C.K. – Building Leaders and Cultivating Knowledge. We will focus on the art of building connections and navigating spaces previously inaccessible to us.  Dynamic speakers, interactive workshops, and vibrant performances are all hallmarks of the conference. Students leave the conference inspired, hopeful, and committed to the cause of excellence.

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