Volunteer and Work Opportunity: Help Kitchen on a Mission Feed San Francisco’s Homeless

A message from Kristen Anderson, Founder of Kitchen on a Mission:

Kitchen on a Mission is looking for students who are interested in feeding thousands of people and spending time with friends in the process. KOM is a non-profit organization that transfers fresh, leftover food from bakeries to homeless shelters. Within the past two years, we have distributed $486 000 worth of food and currently support 1100 homeless people. KOM has recently partnered with 17 bakeries that at present have no other option but to dump fresh food into the trash. We have the opportunity to use this food to support families within our community. Each hour-long volunteer trip transfers $200-$1000 worth of food to those who need it most.

Contact ander50n@stanford.edu if you are interested in becoming part of the solution. Visit us at https://www.komfoods.org/ for more information on how you can help.”


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