Horizon’s High School Technology Scholars

The Horizons Scholarship is a fully-funded technology immersion program for top high school students from around the world. As technology continues to play a larger role on the world stage, whether it be in business, politics, art etc., it is encouraged students gain a solid technical foundation as they prepare to succeed in the college admissions process and in the world.

The scholarship is an opportunity to forge lifelong connections with the nation’s top undergraduate students, experience what it is like to go through a rigorous, applied programming curriculum and accelerate your potential in engineering and entrepreneurship all in one intense summer.

Horizons was originally designed for students from the world’s best universities – they’ve gone on to receive product management, engineering, and venture capital offers from firms such as Google, Zappos.com, Yelp, Optimizely, Redfin, Insight Venture Partners, and Slack. The high school students who have been invited to spend a summer among the growing Horizons community have considered it to be a life-changing experience.

To begin your application, click here.

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