Volunteer for Yes on S in San Francisco

Volunteer for Yes on S in San Francisco
A Yes on Proposition S ensures a stable foundation for San Francisco’s unique arts and cultural offerings while ending family homelessness without raising taxes.

1 in 25 public school kids in San Francisco are homeless. At the same time, artists and arts organizations have lost $300 million and are struggling to stay in the city.  Most San Franciscans don’t know that if Prop. S doesn’t pass, funding for the arts will dry up and homeless families with kids will be left in the lurch (learn more at bettersf.com).

The good news is Prop S is supported by a broad coalition including the SFMOMA, the San Francisco Ballet, and the San Francisco Symphony. There is no vocal opposition and this campaign embodies a positive message about the creative and diverse San Francisco community.

On election day, November 8th, we are organizing a city-wide music and arts festival, and we need Lick-Wilmerding High School to be a part of it!

For more info: http://bettersf.com/

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