Crucible Youth Industrail Arts Programs

The Crucible offers exciting industrial art workshops for Bay Area youth 8-17 years old.  The minimum age for most of fire arts workshops  (welding, glass flameworking, etc.) is twelve, except for Glass Blowing and TIG Welding which is fourteen.  Some of the non-fire arts workshops are age appropriate to youth as young as 8.  There is a maximum and minimum numbers of students to schedule a workshop.  Workshops favor the full side for a better collective experience. The following are workshops and associated costs for youth:

 $30 per student/ hour rate:

Aluminum Sand Casting (4-8 students)
Blacksmithing (5-10 students)
Ceramics (4-8 students, 8-11 year olds)
Enameling (4-7 students)
Glass Flameworking (4-7 students)
Glass Cast Sculpture (4-8 students)
Glass Fusing and Slumping (5-10 students)
Glass Tube Bending  (5-8 students) requires at least three different sessions
Kinetics/ Robotics (4-8 students, 8-11 year olds)
Leatherworking (5-8 students)
Metalsmithing/Jewelry (5-10 students)
MIG Welding/ Plasma cutting (4-6 students)
TIG Welding (4-7 students) minimum age is 14
Welded Scultpure: ARC welding and Oxy Torch cutting (5-12 students) requires at least three different sessions
Woodcarving (4-8 students, 8-11 year olds)
Woodturning (3-5 students)

 $40 per student/ hour rate:

Art Bike: Frame Alteration (4-8 students)  20 hours
Foundry Fundamentals (bronze casting) (4-8 students)  3 session minimum
Glass Blowing (3-5 students)  6 hour minimum, minimum age is 14

There is a 3-hour minimum for youth workshops for students under 18 (or a $500 minimum for small groups).

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