Branson Summer Science Institute

The Branson Summer STEM Institute in Biology is able to offer 5 additional full scholarships. If you teach or know a science-hungry, low-income student who would thrive in a challenging 4-week summer program, please let them know. If they qualify for free or reduced lunch, the program would be free of cost or nearly free of cost. We are able to extend applications to a May 15th deadline.

The Branson Summer STEM Institute will begin this summer with students from across the Bay Area learning advanced topics and conducting collaborative research with scientists from UC Berkeley, the Cal Academy, Stanford, and UCSF in the biological sciences on Branson’s campus (other disciplines to come in following years!). Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have taken a full-year biology course are eligible to apply.

This summer will be a chance for students to experience the process of scientific discovery through novel research, to be challenged beyond their personal capabilities, and to meet those challenges through cooperation with their peers. A mixture of advanced coursework, collaborative, research, scientific talks, off-campus excursions, and social experiences compose the BSSI experience. For some students, this may be the first time they will meet others as passionate about science as they are. For all students, it will be a place to form lasting friendships and support networks as they advance onwards to do great things.

For more information about the program (schedule, cost, aid, format, etc.), please visit:

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