Prison University Project

Here’s a message from our friends over at PUP:

Greetings everyone,

Many of you have reached out recently, asking about ways to get more involved with the Prison University Project.  As the fall semester gets off the ground, and the busiest fundraising season of the year approaches, we have put together the following list of ways you can help.


  • Help us identify new prospective donors, whether individuals or foundations.  Share information (like this link); make an introduction; or let us know of anyone to whom we should reach out directly, whether to arrange a conversation or a site visit.
  • Host a fundraising event, or form a “giving circle” to raise the funds to cover specific program needs (e.g., a set of new Algebra textbooks, notebooks and folders for an entire year, a new photocopier for inside SQ…)


  • Help us track down educators with expertise in the field of learning disabilities who might be willing to tutor students with special needs, or consult with us on teacher training and curriculum development
  • Commit to one afternoon per week of helping around the office with assorted simple (but labor-intensive) tasks like data entry, copying, filing, etc.


  • Provide assistance to former students who are transitioning to life on the outside.  For example, teach someone how to use a computer, a cellphone, the Internet, or email; or help them find a bicycle or housing on craigslist; keep tutoring them in math!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or requests for more information.  As the community of people involved with – and touched by – the program continues to grow, we are both awed by the potential, and daunted by the challenges.  As always, we are tremendously grateful for all of your support.

With warm regards,


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