Pacific Leadership Institute – San Francisco State University

PLI offers innovative and inspiring programs,  yet what makes our program unique is our leaders. Our desire is to have our  leaders reflect the communities who use our programs by creating opportunities  for diverse people to obtain high quality training, ongoing support, and  practical leadership experience. PLI does this through our relationship with  local schools and commitment from teachers.

PLI  trains over 100 teenagers annually to lead our programs through partnerships with schools and classrooms. Developing the leadership skills necessary to  facilitate a challenge course and lead our programs requires a commitment to  the process of learning and adventure – Youth are given real leadership  experience, job skills, school credit and new potential to be leaders in their own lives, in  school, and within their community.

PLI  hires 15–20 youth every summer and beyond simple employment, these youth are  exposed to the natural world, develop social and technical skills, and are  trained with extraordinary leadership skills applicable to their life in  general.

Deadline: April 27, 2012

Application: PLI Application and Description


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