Latin@ Youth Summit at St. Ignatius High School

The Latin@ Youth Summit brings together Latino/a students from Jesuit High Schools across the nation, San Francisco Archdiocese High Schools, and Bay Area Independent High Schools to explore Latino/a identity, share their common and unique experiences, and participate in a variety of interactive workshops, hands-on presentations and social activities. This year’s summit will focus on promoting effective modes of dialogue, youth leadership, activism, and solidarity with particular focus on community building and developing agents of change.

As with previous years, this year’s lineup of speakers/presenters features front-line Latino/a activists, authors, artists, and leaders, including Keynotes Michael Benitez, Jr. and Erica Fernandez, and HBO Def Poet Paul S. Flores, who will perform his critically acclaimed, “You’re Gonna Cry.”  We would be honored if you and your students would attend.

Deadline: If you are interested in attending please email Christine Godinez, Director of Student Inclusion and Leadership, by Friday, February 24th at

Conference Dates: March 16th and 17th, 2012


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