Media that Matters

  1. What are some things that matter to you personally in your life?—My family is very important to me as well as close friends, because these should be people that are going to be with you through thick and thin and will always be willing to help you out. Dance as well as baseball is also important to me because they represent ways to de-stress and express myself.
  2. What are some things that matter to you concerning your immediate community?— Gentrification in the mission, the deaths of countless people of color, the abuse immigrants suffer trying to cross the border looking for a better life, the injustices all people face caused by the greedy people in power.
  3. What are some things that matter to you globally?— All of the issues above can be connected to issues globally, they all relate and can be found in other places across the globe. One thing more globally though is how we are harming mother nature and our planet.
  4. Are any of these connected and how?—They are all connected someway or another.

Film: Colores Unidos



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