Alaska Arrives– With ANSWERS!

You’ve waited. We’ve delivered. Introducing Alaska, the anonymous advice columnist answering anonymously-asked questions from the student body.

Welcome to the end of your woes and worries.

1. Alaska, I’m so sad because there’s no snow in Tahoe. Every day I think about the powder I could be skiing if I lived on the east coast. I know the west coast is better, though. How do I remind myself that even though we have no snow, there are so many things we do have?

 This is an age-old question, and no doubt one that will be asked for years to come. Although this year is bleak, just remember our time for powder and glory will come. Also we have In-n-Out, so we are automatically better.


2. How shall I seek the truest of all love?

I think the real question is what truly is love. Some say they love cookies, some love their pet, some people love people, and some love things. Love is a force of nature that can strike wherever, whenever. The searching and discovery of love is a process done within. Follow what intrigues you and never stop. You must never settle for inadequacy, for inadequacy is never the truest form of anything except being the truest form of inadequacy. When the sought has been sought, you will know.


3. What are some ways to get over the fear of speaking in class, whether it be in groups, pairs, or class discussions/debates?

Talking in class is never easy, but try not to psyche yourself out. Remember that your classmates are there to support your ideas and help you learn. Try to speak with a genuine interest in learning about the subject, so you can talk for your own benefit as opposed to thinking about what the class wants to hear.


4. I’m faced with an ethical decision right now. I want to do things I want to do, but my mom and my friends and everyone in my life keep telling me I need to find a “thing” or something serious that I focus on for “college” and a “life”.

Do I SERIOUSLY have to “care” this much about stuff that doesn’t really “mean” anything to me? Why do I have to “focus” on just math, or just english?

P.S. Sorry I’m asking about “school” and “life” and not “relationships” and “gooey things.”

I think it might be good to look at this dilemma in a different perspective. When parents or friends talk about finding a “thing” they usually mean finding something that you are passionate about. To find something you are passionate about, you need to put yourself out there and try new things because you genuinely want to do them. And when you find something you love it won’t feel like a chore because you will enjoy doing it. But in the meantime, don’t forget about things like English and math– they are very helpful for the future (English is a proper noun and should be capitalized; always remember to proofread anything you do even if it is just a question to an anonymous entity).


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