2018 Summer Exchange Hosted this year in Costa Rica!

The Nicaragua Summer Exchange was created 1998, with the purpose of connecting high school Spanish students to the growing Latino youth culture.

​With the help of high school Spanish teachers in Madison, WI and the school district of Granada, Nicaragua the program grew into an annual summer exchange hosting students from the U.S. Canada, and the U.K. The success of bringing youth together has been credited with a high retention in Spanish fluency. Youth tend to learn language rapidly when it revolves around the social interaction of peers. Program Director Ilba Prego is a native of Granada Nicaragua, and a former Latina community educator for Centro Hispano Madison.

Granada has been calm, however, future protests in Managua could disrupt transportation and other services in our host city.   For that reason, we are relocating.
Nicaragua is going through growing pains, much like the U.S., building a transparent democracy is not supported by everyone.
This is a challenging time for our community and our family and friends. Nicaragua like much of Latin America is changing with a new generation.
The new generation is bilingual and the very reason we support our immersion program. The value of being bilingual cannot be overstated.
The change of location, though difficult – does not take away from the opportunity to live and learn from a Central American community.
We hosted a 2-year exchange Program between Granada and Tilaran high schools. We know the community well and have total support from the high school director.
We have a very nice location, very intimate and active in the outdoors and the arts.


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