Annotation by teachers for student submitted work

Quick overview of the Annotate function:

You can have students submit work via the Assignment you give them. You can allow resubmission but will lose the current submission. You could allow multiple submissions, should you wish a draft and a final version to be submitted. You can annotate directly in the Assignment detail page, with various typical annotation methods. You can use this feature with Rubrics, it does not directly impact how a grade is generated in anyway.

Here is a quick, silent video of a teacher opening a student submitted paper and adding annotations, which save automatically. Steps are below the video.


For an assignment that is set to allow a single submission.

Click into the Assignment tab, then click the title to move into the Assignment itself (note the tiny pencil takes you to edit the Assignment, which is not what we are doing!).

Pick the student who’s work you will annotate, click on the name, and you will be in that students evaluation area. You can Evaluate with rubric and grade/comment in the rubric here, but we are going to look at the submitted files and annotate by clicking the Annotate button.

You have many methods of annotation such as highlighting, strike through, comments and drawing.

You do not need to save, it happens every few seconds automatically and when you click out of the annotate window as well.


Some features to note- you do not need to download the submission unless you want to- it will stay here unless removed. It will be gone, however, if you allow resubmission for your students. The new submission will take it’s place, and that first version, annotations and all, will be gone. Students can see your annotations, but cannot make any edits once they have actually submitted the work for grading- there is no mistaken submitting on the student end- see Student view on Annotation for details.