One Acts: Sneak Preview from Playwrights and Directors

This year is the 27th Annual Festival of One Acts at Lick-Wilmerding. The shows are on Friday, January 30 at 7:30pm and Saturday, January 31 at 2pm. Playwrights, directors, actors, stagehands, costume designers, and tech managers have been hard at work for the past two and a half months on perfecting the show. There are six one acts and five interludes. The Hyphen asked for a preview of the performance––we just couldn’t wait! Directors sent in their favorite moment or first word that comes to mind when they think of their play, and playwrights shared their favorite line.
Read, buy tickets, and get as pumped as those who are putting on the show.

Channel Two News

written by Nora Stacy

“Because, as the corporations in the fashion industry know, we all want to look good while we protect ourselves from the harmful things that are out there in the world.”

directed by Jacqueline Blaska

“No way I can pick a single favorite moment. Without giving too much away, however, one that never fails to make me bury my face in my script and erupt into giggles involves Kelby Kramer, spandex, and growling. Make of that what you will.”

Morning Meeting

written by Maggie Decena

“…and now transition into downward facing dog. Really feel the chakras in motion.”

 and Zach Hollander

“You are literally a seed that people eat.”

directed by Nick Frangenberg


written by Daniel Holzman

“I had a dream where you opened me up on an operating table and crawled inside of me.”

directed by Reishan McIntosh

Settled Down

written by Samuel Berston

“You’re retiring? When I was 21 the only money I had was my salary from 7/11 and a few lucky scratchers!”

directed by Loie Plautz

“One time when were were practicing lines, instead of old people voices, my actors started doing valley girl voices; it changed the game.”

Shoot the Messenger

written by Meredith Fry

“Here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m not going to stop circling around this Walmart until you make up your mind. Consider this your personal purgatory.”

directed by Gabby Sanchez-Corea

Teen Clinic

written by Clio Gevirtz and August Rock

“And are your menstrual cycles usually regular?”

directed by Claire Fry

“My favorite moment in Teen Clinic is when Doug (played by Toby Richkind) realizes he needs to ask his son’s ex-girlfriend Melanie (played by Jackie Young) what kind of sexual acts she has engaged in. The tension is tangible! So wonderful.”

Watch the directors’ promo

Buy tickets (they sell out!)


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