Field Trip assignment to the deYoung Museum

Various artworks from the deYoung Museum permanent collection.

Directions: Select a primary artwork to examine with care during the visit. There are over fifty slides of pictures that you can choose from below. You will need to write answers to the set of inquiry questions: “Looking at Art” while viewing. Students then select a second artwork to examine and reference as a comparison to the primary. Complete the comparison questions while viewing second artwork.
Arthur DaviesArthur Davies – Pacific Parnasus Mt. Tamalpais

Arthur Matthews. Sea SongArthur Frank Matthews – Song of the Sea

Arthur Matthews.GrapeArthur Frank Matthews – The Grapes

CassatMary Cassatt – Mrs. Robert Cassatt

Charles DemuthCharles Demuth – From the Gardens of the Chateau

Chiuru ObataChiuru Obata – Mother Earth

Dali.Enid HaldornSalvador Dali – Enid Haldorn

David Gilmour BlytheDavid Gilmour Blythe – Justice

David LigareDavid Ligare – Still-life with Grape Juice and Sandwiches

Edmund TarbellEdmund Tarbell – The Blue Veil

Edwin DickinsonEdwin Dickinson – The Cello Player

Frank DuveneckFranck Duveneck – Guard at the Harem

Frederic Church.BannerFrederic Church – Our Banner in the Sky

Frederic ChurchFrederic Church – Rainy Season Tropics

George BellowsGeorge Bellows – Waldo Pierce

George GroszGeorge Grosz – Lower Manhattan

George InnessGeorge Inness – Moonlight

Gerhard RichterGerhard Richter – Strontium

HarnettWilliam Harnett – After the Hunt

Horace PippinHorace Pippin – Trial of John Brown

House PostHouse Post. Papua, New Guinea

IMG_3857Robert Bechtle – Four Palm Trees

John Frederic PetoJohn Frederic Peto – Job Lot Cheap

Joseph Mora. Hopi ManJoseph Mora – Hopi Man

Joseph Mora. Hopi WomanJoseph Mora – Hopi Woman

Joseph RaphaelJoseph Raphael – Spring Winds

Maurice PrendergastMaurice Prendergast – The Holiday

Maurierre DawsonMaurierre Dawson – Venus

Max PechstienMax Pechstien – Bathers

Mbulu Ngulu FigureMgulu Ngulu. Congolese

Nicolai FechinNicolai Fechin – Flower Girl

Picasso. SkullPablo Picasso – Still-life with Skull, Leeks and Pitcher

PicassoPablo Picasso – The Orator

Raul AngiuanoRaul Anguiano – Seated Girl with Apple

Rckwell KentRockwell Kent – Afternoon on the Sea

RiveraDiego Rivera – Two Women and a Child

Robert Henry.IceFloeRobert Henry – Ice Floe

Robert MayhewRobert Mayhew – Rhapsody

Roberto MattaRoberto Matta – Painting with Yellow and Green

Sargent.TroutJohn Singer Sargent – Trout Stream in Tyrol

SoompaSoompa. Female Figure. Congo

Spirit BoardSpirit Board – Papua, New Guinea

Spirit Mask CostumeSpirit Mask Costume – Papua, New Guinea

StudioArtist’s Studio

TanguyYves Tanguy – From One Night to Another

Thomas HillThomas Hill – Mount Tallac

Thomas HovendenThomas Hovenden – The Last Moments of John Brown

Thomas MoranThomas Moran – Grand Canyon

ThomasPollackAnshutzThomas Pollack Anshutz – Ironworkers Noon

WhistlerJames McNeil Whistler – Gold Scab

William KeithWilliam Keith – Glory of the Heavens

WilliamStanleyHaseltine.SicilyWilliam Stanley Haseltine – Ruins of the Roman Theater

WilliamStanleyHaseltineWilliam Stanley Haseltine – Indian Rock

William HahnWilliam Hahn – Sacramento Rail Station

Wayne ThiebaudWayne Thiebaud – Diagonal Freeway
















































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