Wheel Kids Summer Camp Now Hiring

Wheel Kids Bicycle Club is a bicycling-oriented summer camp for elementary and middle school kids, with locations in San Francisco and Palo Alto. We are looking for good candidates for seasonal coaching jobs in both locations and hope to be able to attract Lick Wilmerding students (we’ve had one of your alumni in the past… Read More

2014 Youth Resource Fair

Looking for a summer job? Want to beef up your resume and interview skills? Check out the Summer Jobs+ Youth Resource Fair on May 10. It’s FREE for all San Francisco youth from 16-24. RSVP Here! If you are a young person looking for jobs, resources, and training opportunities, you can find some here! Read More

High School Explainers

High School Explainers, the Exploratorium’s youngest employees, are a diverse group of students who engage visitors at exhibits, lead demonstrations, and run many museum operations. Some are interested in science; all have a spark for learning new things. In keeping with the Exploratorium’s philosophy, they build their own skills while learning to help others. The… Read More

Apply for the Enterprise Pathways Program!!

Pathways is a 8-week job-readiness and career discovery program for 14-18 year old high school students and GED students with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Pathways will prepare you for, and give you the tools to be successful in, the world of work. When you’ve gone through Pathways, you’ll be confident, prepared, and capable – just… Read More